Mar 12, 2014

MobyMax Stories

Two of my stories have been published by MobyMax as online reading lesson content for sixth graders!

May 9, 2013

Forgotten Memory

I ran into a former co-worker tonight. We worked together as sales clerks in the general book department at the Brigham Young University bookstore seven years ago, and tonight she reminded me of a really funny quote. I used to laugh about a customer who asked where they could find our nonfiction novels!

Working as a bookseller for a short time continues to be a very valuable experience for me as an aspiring author. A lot has changed since then, but I still remember my boss explaining to us how was the top competitor for all bookstores. Now Borders doesn't even exist and self-publishing and e-books has exploded. Still, my experiences as a book seller helped me see that side of the industry. Pretty much I love books!

Mar 29, 2013

Writercation 2

Today is my day of full-time writing for this month. I've been very productive over the past month. Things were starting to lag a little this week, but working hard today has re-energized my creative efforts. Since my last Writercation, I've completed over a dozen submissions. We're working hard and moving forward!

Mar 20, 2013

White Lie with a Pink Bow

Check out my flash fiction story here. Writing a short story in 250 words or less was definitely a fun challenge! It's a quick read if you want to check it out!

Mar 4, 2013

Effective Investment

Today I found out that the two children's stories I submitted during my writercation were accepted! What encouragement! I sold them to a developing online reading curriculum company, so I guess I'm the author of 5th and 6th grade reading assignments now! So fun! If I'm lucky, I'll have the chance to send them more stories. We'll see. :)

Feb 21, 2013


Today my sweet husband is giving me a "Mommycation." One of our 2012 goals is that I get one weekday off a month away from my normal job of motherhood. Today (and hopefully most Mommycation days) I'm using all my time to write! Okay, gotta get off the blog and start typing!!

Jan 19, 2013

Sing We Now of Christmas Total Donation

I received word from Michael Young that Sing We Now of Christmas earned over $1000, all of which was donated to the National Down Syndrome Society. All further proceeds will be continued to be donated there. It has been a really neat experience to work with such a great group of writers, editors, and designers on a project where all labor and talents were given without compensation for a cause.

Sing We Now of Christmas is the first volume of a three-part Christmas anthology project. The second volume will be titled Carol of the Tales and will be coming out this fall. It will include two of my stories, one of Brian's, and another that we wrote together. I'll be keeping you posted! :)